Fischer® FZP-G Anchor System


nur glas, with its own machinery and skilled staff, has teamed up with fischer® Italia to spread the use of FZP-G dowels in architecture.

nur glas has recently pioneered the use of FZP-G fischer® FZP-G undercut anchors in linear and curved double-glazing application.

fischer® FZP-G is a unique system for blind hole mechanical fixing used for glass enclosures and structures that guarantees designers the maximum formal cleanliness of surfaces.

The most recent progresses made in the production of a traditional material such as glass have allowed broadening the range of application possibilities in architecture, producing results that are unique, both as regards structure, aesthetics, safety, and behaviour in the presence of sunlight.

It is a very small blind hole fixing system (the perceived size reduction is 75%), which also reduces the minimum fixing distance from the pane. When used in a structure characterised by absolute formal cleanliness, the fischer® FZP-G system has a double technological value: on one hand, it ensures structural safety, on the other it “disappears”; from the structure itself.

Fischer FZP-G is the only blind hole mechanical fixing for monolithic glass (for thicknesses from 8, 10, 12 mm and up to 19 mm) and laminated glass (thicknesses from 10/8 mm and 10/10 mm).

Examples of application