Who we are

We are an Italian design, manfacture and installation enterprise that operates in the architecture sector.

We are specialised in glass architecture, in all its shapes and forms. We create large all-glass sliding fixtures and we love the challenge of giving life to large structures. We work in close contact with architecture firms, interior designers, engineering and design firms, which makes us the ideal partner for one-of-a-kind solutions. Thanks to our own logistics and installation structure, we operate both in Italy and abroad.

We collaborate with multinational glassand fixing system companies working towards finding new technologies and automation systems applied to what we love best: glass.



We design “all glass” structures, down to the last detail by fully integrating the architectural, energy and safety requirements of our systems.



We are a close-knit team that takes pride in building structures accurately, which ensures a top-quality product.



We deal with all aspects of logistics, handling and customs, to ship the material from our factory to the building site, in Europe and anywhere else in the world.



We have devised an installation method that guarantees quality over time. We use cranes, suction cups, and displacement systems that ensure proper site management and guarantee that all safety aspects are correctly and fully complied with.



Our staff are available to clarify any doubt or give any technical detail that may be needed both during the construction stage and in the after-sales period.